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10 ga brass

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I did quite a few searches looking for 10 ga brass shells but turned up a lot of dead ends mostly.

So I thought I would throw myself on the mercy of the forum and just ask. :)

Anyone have any links they can recommend?

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Check with;

for hulls, components, and data.
Karl, You might try;

They have some really good brass shells. The shells are turned on a lathe. A little pricy but they last. Can get them with pistol primer pocket or regular 209 primer pocket. Good luck.
Thanks guys, I have emailed BPI and ballard rifles.
Ddawg I could not get the link to skeetshooters to work. Is it possible they have changed accounts or something?

Just to conclude my topics I found hevi-shot buckshot and 10ga brass hulls.
ballistic products has a small amouint of the buckshot for sale at $14 per lb, and are not sure if they will stock it fully yet.
Ballard rifles sold the case part of their business to Rocky Mountain Cartridge, who makes lathe turned brass including the real big gauges.

Thanks for the help. Great forum!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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