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On The Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook on chapter (3) Shotshell Cases, there is two hulls, one Fiber Basewad and one Plastic Basewad (white). But, in the lead shot data is used the Composite Basewad! So, is the Composite the Fiber or the Plastic?

And.. on the Hodgdons Shotshell Data (site):yellow plastic basewad? What is the different of the yellow and the white basewad? Are they different hulls?

And.. Precisionreloading sell the new unprimed hulls:"REM 10 GA 3-1/2" UNPRIMED w/LOW PLASTIC BASEWAD HMH ". What mean the "HMH"? Can I use these hulls for shot data of the Shotshell Reloading Handbook?

I hope you understand my very poor english :)

Thank you!

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I'll try to help you out.
First question on the base of the shotshell. I'm pretty sure that Lyman's is referring to the fiber base as being a composite hull.

On the different color base wads, Remington produces two different interior base heights, a high and a low. I don't remember which is white and which is yellow but the higher base hull is usually listed as using less powder or fewer for equal loads. Both types are sold by Precision Reloading and are described differently.

The HMH stands for High Metal Head and describes the heighth of the outside brass. The low plastic basewad data in the manual works with the Precision Reloading hulls you described above but would not work with the high plastic base.

Also jarih, your English is very good, much better than most Americans you will find.

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Sure, it's have to be fiber. On Lyman's book the plastic base wad hulls used to the steel loading.

The white base is low and the yellow is high, I ask that from Precision Reloading and they have the ones fired yellow based hulls, thats nice. I use then Hodgdon's shotshell data for the reloading.

My english, heh heh, but thank you anyway :)
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