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10g reloading

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I am looking to load BB in 10g shot shell. I have not reloaded shot shells and could do with some advice about loading shells and gear i need to purchase to do so.

Friends on the Marlin forum have pointed me to Precision Reloading.

I am hoping to purchase the MEC 600 JR MK5 press and Universal Charge bar. Is this sufficient equip to produce a correct cartridge ??

I have once fired Remington shells, W209 primers,SP10 wads and was lookin at HS-7 powder.Are these components compatible as a potential load ???

What are bushings and are they neccessary using a universal charge bar ???

I am hoping to achieve 2 1/4oz loads BB @ 10,500 psi max.

I scincerely do apologise if these questions are vague irrelevant or plain ridiculous, as I say this is a whole new venture for me
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Purchase a Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook 4th Edition would be the best place to start (about $15.00). It will give you all the basics on shot shell reloading and list loading data for all standard gauges. It will plenty of loads to choose from for the 10 ga. using various mfg components. The MEC 600jr loader will do you fine. I can tell you 2 1/4 oz fron a 10ga will thump you HARD. What 10ga do you have? If it's not a gas gun like a Remington SP10 you may not want to load and shoot many loads that heavy.

Ballistic Products is another good source.

In the 3.5" Remington hulls w/yellow plastic base wad both HS-7 and Longshot are listed for 10ga use, however to start what are you hoping to take down with these 2.25 loads?

As listed in the Hodgen reloading book the 2oz load with 36.5grains of Longshot is around 11,000psi and the 2.25oz loads with 38grains of Longshot is 10,700psi.
The 2.25oz HS-7 is 40grains of powder at 10,800psi and is listed at 1165fps vs 1200fps for the others listed above. I would look to the Longshot as it uses less powder which means cheaper reloading costs, as long as it patterns well for your gun.

With Longshot there also appears to be better choices in 2oz loads, which with BB's you should be able to do just about everything that you want and at faster velocities just by switching to another primer.

Have you been to the Hodgen site or have access to the powder/load recipe books?
Since I don't know if these recommended loads were shoot, patterned, etc. by those who posted them, I will not comment on them. However, I will pass on the following information:
In the late 70's, while working for the gun & ammo companies, three of us bought 3 1/2" 10 ga double guns for some serious hunting in Maryland. These SxS's were choke full & full.
I sent the guns up on the hill to the ballistic labs, asking them to sey up the best patterning loads with #3's and #2's and run them also on the pressure gun.
Here's their tests:
Remington hulls - WW209 primers - 2 oz shot - Ballistic Products #BP10 with a 20 ga. wool wad inside & 2 20 ga. .125" card wads - 35 grs. of Blue Dot - 1165 '/" @ 9800 psi
Remigton Hulls - WW 209 primers- 2 oz. shot - #SP10 with 2 20 ga Butler wads under shot - 41.5 grs Blue Dot - 1220 '/' @ 9100 psi
These proved to be the best patterning long range loads I seen.
Best Regards, James
great start folks !! I'll go get that lyman book...I'm sure I have seen it in our local Gunstore.

The shotgun is a Kassnar Churchill, SBS with screw in chokes.I have a full 1/2 and 1/4.

I have found the shotgun is pretty versatile, and when gettin around the can come across dogs feasting on the heard, wild goat an boar.

thing is I like to take the odd pheasant and duck, and rabbits mainly what you see.

I would specifically hunt with my 45/70, but the shotgun, as I say is a versatile beast.

I can only get #6 here,remington 2 1/4 oz loads, and was told that BB will take thin skinnned animals, especially puttin up a good load of it.

Thanks for your replies, I do appreciate your help.
Regards, Fordster.
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One other needed piece of equipment is a scale to measure the powder and shot charges. I have 4 of the adjustable MEC charge bars and they are all off in their markings for any and all powders. Bushings are the little, round, silver things you put in the charge bar to determine the powder drop. You will not need them if you have the Universal bar but I feel they are more convienient if you change loads alot.
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