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Tulsey said:
just to cut a dowel extra long so it would block four shells rather than just two and leave the magazine tube extention on since with the barrel clamp it is not going to go anywhere. One more question to someone who has one of these special purpose guns how light can you go and get it to function? Will promo 3 1/4 dram loads work it?
Do the longer dowel trick for waterfowl legality. Quick, cheap, and easy.

As for the gas system, it is the same in the 3" SPS as it is in the 3" Premier and other 11-87s. My 11-87 cycles down to 7/8 oz shells (12 ga.). I shoot clays with light 1 oz loads and cycles just fine too. If this gun is already used, I doubt it will have any problems doing same.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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