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I keep being drawn to a used 11-87 special purpose I see at a local store. It is one of the short barrel versions with the factory camo job. If I remember right these were set up only for 3 inch or heavy 2 3/4 loads since they were built for Turkey hunting, Whoever owned this one was not content to leave it at that. They had to add a two shot magazine extention to it, Even with the short barrel, or maybe because of the weight of the magazine extention it swings very nicely and might make a good blind or boat blind waterfowl gun. I was wondering though how I could get it migratory legal since the dimples have been removed from the tube. One thought was to use the older style magazine spring retainer, but this would mean constantly tightening the magazine cap since it would not have the new style plastic retainer or the old forearm with the little ball to help keep the cap tight. Another thought I had was just to cut a dowel extra long so it would block four shells rather than just two and leave the magazine tube extention on since with the barrel clamp it is not going to go anywhere. One more question to someone who has one of these special purpose guns how light can you go and get it to function? Will promo 3 1/4 dram loads work it?
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