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11-87 Target Barrels

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I am new to this forum and would appreciate any help from the members. I bought an 11-87 back when they first came out, before the light contour even, left handed. They only come in 28 inch barrels left handed and I have been looking for a 26 inch left handed barrel. And I have found one, a "Target" barrel, Rem Chokes. And it is fine for 95% of all my shooting, skeet, trap and upland birds.
But for that other 5% - Can these barrels be lengthened to 3 inch chambers and used for goose and duck (steel shot)? The gas ports look to be the same diameter. On my original gun barrel, there is a stamped steel "c" clip at the front of the barrel gas cylinder that is missing from the Target barrel (there is no provision for it). Would that be significant? Or is that just a feature of later 11-87 barrels (looks like it would be less expensive not to have the "c" clip)?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I am a lefty, and you may be able to find a 26 inch barrel that is set up for 3 inch shells, but the target ones are not. I do not think you should even use short 2 3/4 inch hunting loads from them. I own one myself and my understanding is only target loads should be put through them.

I plan on using the 28 inch barrel for hunting if necessary.

That clip is for the pressure compensating feature of the longer barrel. It is not for the shorter barrel.

You may be able to find a 26 barrel that is 3 inch, I have seen them for sale at the various internet auction sites.

Good luck, I have been able to find a few different barrels, slug, canti-lever etc., but not as many options as a right handed model.
Target barrel gas ports are the largest of the 11xx barrel gas vents. If I remember correctly they are for use with 3 1/4 dram x 1 1/4 ounce of shot loads and loads below this power threshhold.

Remington does not list a LH replacement barrel, but you should be able to look at the 11-87 schematic to get the part number and start looking on the web.

The link below confirms the power threshold and lists replacement barrels.

These guys have been useful as a barrel supplier in the past:

Maybe they can order one for you.
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Dug through the Remington Parts List and found:

PN 243250 1187 BBL 12/28 RC, LC, LH and you'd want the gas compensating sleeve--that part is listed there also.

Now with the part number you can start looking for a price below list or a gunsmith who will order one for you from Remington--at, I recal 25% below MSRP.

Happy Shopping,

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