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11-87, X2 or Gold?

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I will be purchasing a new autoloader (camo) soon and have narrowed the field to either the Browning Gold, Remington 11-87 or Winchester X2. I would appreciate any opinions about these guns and which is the most reliable. (Price is not an issue and the primary use will be duck/goose hunting in cold/wet conditions.)Thanks much!
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I would say the X-2, it is almost the same as the Browning, but it is a little cheaper price wise. The 11-87 is a good gun but I think it will soon be changed, or droped cause it is showing it's age. The Browning/Winchester gas system is better than the 11-87/1100 system. It is faster, more reliable, and easier to clean which is a big help.8o Edited by: john305 at: 3/10/03 1:57:32 pm
I bought a Browning Gold 10 just this afternoon. I like it the best over all for the feel and handeling of it. The Browning is heavy but it is well balenced. The Remington is heavy but it has to much weight in the barrel end and will be tought to swing nice. They both are about 11 pounds each. I handeled a Win. feather light, it was so light you would swear it was a BB gun, so that was handed back to the dealer as soon as I felt the weight, (or lack of). I will be fireing the Browning tomarrow evening, I post up what I think about it then. You can tell a lot about a shot gun by just putting a few rounds through it.
man, what a shot gun. It is easy on the shoulder and cycles like a champ.I put 50 rounds throght it yesterday, one right after another.Barrel got a little warm but it is impressive.Now I thinking of the Gold in a 12 gauge.
I bought an SX2 not to long ago. I searched a lot of duck hunting sites and got alot of input. I looked at the same ones you are. From all the research i did, the X2 came out on top (for me). John told you about the 11/87 plus the O-ring isn't the best in cold wet conditions. The Gold and the X2 very similar. Both build by FN. The Gold has a mag cutoff button and has the single shell autoload feature that was brought up from the A5 days. Those extras seemed to cause some extra problems for some folks. Others get along fine with them.Oh, I liked the raised rib on the X2 better also.
Thanks for the excellent feedback. Mulf, can you provide the site addresses for those duck hunting sites?Thanks much.
Hope this isn't considered spamming.Check out the forums do a search and you'll get more info on those guns than you proably want. Edited by: mulf at: 3/14/03 12:11:16 pm that is....:eek: need an edit feature:D Hey, I can edit. Thanks john Edited by: mulf at: 3/14/03 12:10:43 pm
I don't consider it spamming but the BIG boss might. ;) We do have an edit feature, but you have to be logged in to use it.8o They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.
What about the guys in Ilion :?: :?: Really. I hunt regularly with guys that shoot Golds or SX2s and have seen them jam or otherwise malfunction several times. Especially the Gold. The safety is notoriously stiff, and a safety is a bad thing to have stick with geese belly-up at 20 yds. Also, I have seen several golds fire once or be loaded unnoticed with the bolt 3/4 closed; also bad when there're birds on the line. The SX2s, being nearly identical to the Golds (except that they're stamped, not machined) can have similar action problems. The 11-87, in my opinion, is great. My Premier is an older model, a gift from a friend, complete with "bent rib" (that is, one section is dented) from countless days in the pit; but it performs fabulously under the worst conditions you can imagine (I'm mostly a waterfowl hunter). It only screws up if I let it screw up, that is if I forget to clean it for a couple weeks of hunting (and I usually clean mine after every hunt) or let the O-ring break (there's a simple remedy to this, the 11-87's Achille's heel--carry an extra ring or two in your gun case). If you can whine about this, buy a Charles Daly--anyone who can't invest the time to maintain their gun shouldn't buy any $700+ firearm to begin with. The piston assembly is also recently improved with a new one-piece set, which comes factory installed on new guns and which I purchased after-market. The Remington will also cycle super-smooth with anything from target loads to Dryloks to HeviShot Turkey Cartridges. Durability has not proven to be problematic, either, except that a synthetic stock is a wise investment for those who take their Remingtons on trips afield. Walleye Guy mentioned barrel weight; try the Premier with the Light Contour Barrel, you should find it is balanced very nicely. All in all, if you will try the 11-87 and you know where to put bead and swing right, it will clean house for you at the gun club, in a pit or blind, or in a fencerow in pursuit of pheasant or quail, or whatever else you may plan to do with it.
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I'd get the 11-87, a co-worker of mine bought a gold 3.5" 12ga
and we went to the trap range, He isn't the best trap shot on teh planet, and he was so excited because he had been shooting a Rem 870 express magnum at trap and doing rather nicely with it, he was so excited to get this new shiny gold 3.5", he couldn't hit a clay if he tried with that thing, so i grabbed it, I'm a pretty good trap shot, and i was running about 50% with the thing, it was pathetic.I love my 11-87SP 3.5", it'll even cycle really light 1oz lead loads, and it's a 3.5" gun.
one previos poster mentioned they're somewhat barrel heavy, I don't think they are particularly barrel heavy, but even if it was, i like a slightly barrel heavy gun for waterfowl, it's actually preferred, as it helps with momentum and smooth's the swing.
I wouldn't trade my 11-87SP for a gold or X2 if it were offered.
and people complain about the o-ring, those o-rings are unbelivably tough, it'd be hard for one to break or go bad, i've heard people that have shot their 11-87's 7-10 years and have never replaced the o-ring,and even if one did go bad, they'll shoot fine without the o-ring.
I don't think so.
Awesome gun.
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by the benelli m2, or the m1

I've had mine since August of last year. It has worked great both in the field for dove and at the skeet range. It is a bit heavy for stomping around the fields though.

There is a reason the 1100 and 11-87 have been around awhile. Classic design proves it is still working after many years.

Mark Palmer, Welcome to SGW and thanks for registering. We look forward to hearing more from you. Let us know what you end up with.

Walleye Guy, also welcome and thank you for registering. Let us know how that cannon treats you.
I highly doubt this guy is still around. I wonder what he got though :? .
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