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I picked up my new 1100CT yesterday, it took a while since I ordered it in late Sept but it was well worth the wait.

Nice wood, fit and finish are as fine as I have seen in a long time, nice dark bluing.

It is date stamped Sept, 2005 and it shoots 60/40 patterns (the way I like a trap gun to, just like my 1976 870TB) that are absolutely dead on for windage. The biggest issue with this is any poor shooting will be due to operator error :oops: :wink: .

I am very pleased with this gun and look forward to shooting it over the next few months.

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WinM12 said:
How did you decode the Sept 2005 production date?
My Barrel was stamped DZ


Product Date Identification Codes

On 870's, 1100's and 11-87's these codes appear as two small
letters stamped closed together on the left side of the barrel,
close to the receiver. The first one is the month, the second is
the year.

1. Jan. - B
2. Feb. - L
3. Mar. - A
4. Apr. - C
5. May - K
6. Jun. - P
7. Jul. - O
8. Aug. - W
9. Sept - D (my 1100CT)
10. Oct. - E
11. Nov. - R
12. Dec. - X

Years (partial)

1989 - J
1990 - K
1991 - L
1992 - M
1993 - N
1994 - O
1995 - P
1996 - Q *
1997 - R *
1998 - S *
1999 - T *
2000 - U *
2001 - V *
2002 - W *
2004 - Y *
2005 - Z * (my 1100CT)

* Estimated year markings, unconfirmed; but they seem to be accurate from my observations of new guns in the past few years.

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whtsmoke said:
great gun you will love it, ive had mine since 93 and wouldnt trade it for anything. mine had a buttstock that had alot of crotch figure in it on both sides. good luck with it.
Thanks, this isn't my 1st Rem. :D

I bought my 870TB Trap almost 29 years ago; still looks and shoots great :D :D

I have bought a few more between 1976 and 2005 :wink:

You're right, I know I will enjoy this one. :D

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BT99ER said:
How was it the first time out for trap?? Just like slipping into a nice well broken in shoes I would think!!

Actually all I have got to do is test it for point of impact :oops: , this was flawless however, deas on for 'windage" and 60/40, recoil was minimal even firing at stationary targets :D :D :D

I hope to shoot it tomorrow, we will see what the weather brings since we have the potential for lake effect snow off of Lake Erie.

Also, where did you get " Nil Sine Labore" from? It happened to be the motto of the school I attended in England for two years in the 1960's when my Dad was transfered there by the company he worked for.

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Further update;

Didn't shoot the 1100 a lot today but it was "quality" shooting.

Went to a meat shoot at a club 45 minutes from here.

Each shoot is two squads of five for a total of ten shooters. You shoot five 16 yard trap targets, one from each post, all who go five for five go in a miss and out shoot off from 30 yards behind the trap.

Weather was damp, 30F, cool wind at our backs, visibility was poor due to overcast, 6" of snow on the ground.

I shot most of the day with the 870TB since I have 29 years experience with it, I won a nice sized turkey with it :D .

However; I broke out the 1100CT for the last event I was in.

I ran 5 for 5 at 16 yards and won the 30 yard shoot off which took 6 shots, all hits on my part. Got another turkey with the 1100CT :D :D

Function was flawless, I have fitted a Birchwood Casey shell catcher that worked fine with the gun.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the 1100CT.

BT99ER, you are quite correct with;

"Just like slipping into a nice well broken in shoes I would think!!" :wink:

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BT99ER said:
Claydust- " NIL SINE LABORE" is the corps motto for the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps of which I was a member many years ago. Both the Corps and myself have been retired for quite some time. Regards and keep the wood to the wood!
Thanks, coincidentally, it was also the moto of Chalfont St. Peter Secondaty School in Buckinghamshire, England :D

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GordonWood421 said:
Claydust ,

Congratulations in your getting a teriffic gun .
Thanks, I am now 5 and a bit months into shooting the 1100CT.

It still works and shoots very well. I shoot it "as it came from the factory", using the .041" tube (I choke for smoke :wink:).

I actually broke out my 1984 Citori Grade I Trap a few weeks ago, went one 16 yard practice round w/it......and promptly got out the 1100CT and finished rest of the day with it.

I do like the 1100CT :D
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