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dubsdad said:
Opened the Goose Season in PA on Thursday. While shooting at the first group of decoying birds, my older 1100 did not cycle. First shell fired, but didn't eject. The bolt stayed closed. Test fired later with same results, but when I manually loaded a single shell, it fired and ejected. When home, I disassembled to see what was wrong. Everything was cleaned previously, but I cleaned and lubed again. When running empties through the gun to test it, it would load correctly, but upon pulling the trigger, I could not manually operate the bolt. Forcing the bolt back ejected the first shell and the second chambered, but again, the bolt was sticking. I'm not sure if it is related, or me being over sensitized, but it seemed to require more travel from the carrier release to get the bolt to slam home when loading. Any insight is appreciated.
It sounds like it may be a broken link (connecting rod).

Remove the trigger assembly and take a look at the link. It's on the rear end of the bolt assembly and connects the bolt assembly to the recoil spring plunger.
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