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"To clean the spring, wipe it with a cloth, and soak it in Nitro solvent. Swab and brush the recoil spring tube clean as if it were a very small-***** shotgun bore. Oil the spring before re-installing it. The action fork at the rear of the bot may shift out of position while you have the spring out. To make sure the fork and spring properly engage, remove the action from the vise. Remove the trigger assembly and hold the fork in line with the tube. Insert the spring into the tube and push it to the reciever. As the front retainer of the spring pkes into view, guide the fork into the recess on the front guide. You will need your needle-nose pliers to slightly compress the tips of the fork into the recess.

Clamp the receiver in your padded vise again. Press the spring into the tube and use a thumb to hold it there. Take your drift punch and press the rear retainer into the tube far enough to clear the retainer pin. Press the pin through and ease the spring into contact. The slot on the rear retainer has to ride over the pin. If it does not, use a screwdriver to rotate it until it does.

Use a good grease on the threads of the action tube nut before tightening it in place."

Well, you couldn't get a better answer than that!! Pat Sweeney. Gunsmithing: Shotguns One of the best gunsmithing books on the market, when it comes to the Rem 1100 and several other guns.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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