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1100 synthetic????

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I am looking for a first gun and have decided between a pump 870 synthetic or a 1100 synthetic in 12 gauge. What do you think would be a good first gun. Can anyone point me to reviews or anything? Thanks.
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I had an 870 but I love my 1100 even more :D .
When I started shooting I used a pump and I definitly did a lot better than if I shot an auto. It really does make you concentrate on the second shot in doubles. I'm lazy now and shoot an auto :lol:.
If you started out as a pump shooter you would know what I mean. I can't really describe it. One time I remember doing as well with my pump as a guy with an auto that was a lot better at the time. Hopefully another person that started off with a pump can clear this up.
Different people can do better with different guns I guess. The only thing I hated about my pump was that when you load the shells from the bottom it would scrape against my thumb. You are right that the auto's are a delight to shoot though. I'm still used to my pump that I shot for a very long time so I'm still adjusting to the auto.

Good shooting :) .
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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