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Anyone have a interest for a drop in safety lock out for a 1100 12 gauge for target use (read no mods to the gun, you just replace the stock safety with the new device).

I have made a few of these up for myself and a few friends, and after watching a shooter loose a target in a shot-off since his safety was on (lost first, and proof pair to estrablish the second target), though that I may start making these up for sale.

Currently I am making them out of SS, and can both be offered in shiny or glass bead satin finish. Both gloss and matt blue finishes would be available in the future if I go into a larger production if there is a demand for such (would not be make out of SS though). Either way, the cost for one would $25 shipped to the lower 48 states until I could figure out a cheaper way to send them with receipt conformation.

If interested, drop me a Pm and let me know.

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