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12 gauge and .410 gauge vs all other gauges

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I have been wondering about this for some time and would like a little insght from others. i own 4 12 gauges and 2 .410 i have singles, pumps and autos and plan to have a u/o and a SxS. but what is the advantage to a 10,16,20,28 gauge. a 10 in to much and a 12 will do as much as a 16 or 20 and for lighter stuff a 410 will do it. and the ammos are e-z to find for both unlike your odd gauges. a 12 fitted and a buck pad on it does not kick that hard and it has all the load combos in the world.
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a big advantage that the 20 gauge has over the 410 is availability of ammo. There is a very large array of 20 gauge ammo even at department stores, where there is little if any 410 ammo unless you go to a gun store. That may not be a disadvantage, unless you are out of familiar territory and need ammo. With a 20 gauage, a trip to Walmart or a sports store would likely turn up suitable loads.

Oh yeah, maybe more importantly.... more pellets in the 20 gauge. substantially more. similar gun size and weight, though. so more bang for your buck.
Cost of the gun and ammo is one issue BUT if you cannot swing the 12 or the 20, then perhaps the .410 is for you.

HOWEVER, take your .410 to the patterning board and see what they/it throw. Occasionally I take the .410 round our local sporting cays course, It seriously damages my average, whereas the 28 boosts my average and the 20 does nothing
over the 12.

There are very good reasons for this, patterning wil tell you why,

(or I could for $50 :p )

heres a chance - how about telling me why and then in a couple of days I'll say why I think this is so.

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The 28 gauge flat performs way better than it should.According to a Remington ballistician quoted in Bob Bristers book the best ballistic performances in shotgun ammo are the 12 gauge with 1 1/8 ounce of shot and the 28 gauge with 3/4 ounce of shot.I use the 28 gauge for about 95% of my feild shooting including early season pheasants.I limit my shots to 35 yards max.
The .410 is a poor patterning gun due to pellet deformation the 3" loads being the worst offender.Given the identical higher cost of ammo the 28 gauge is the better choice IMO.The new Winchester WAAHS Sporting Clay load of 3/4 ounce of # 7 1/2 shot @ 1300 fps is deadly on doves.In my area these run $6.99 a box same as the .410.Regardless of choice ..... RELOAD,RELOAD and RELOAD !!!!
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