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any one have a good 7/8 0z that will work in the remington 1100 12 ga useing sr 4756 - unique - sr 7625 and a plastic wad
only . with out have to use the card wads with them

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Look in your powder manuals...Hodgdon has a listing for 12 gauge 7/8oz loads...several depending on could use Titewad, Clays or International Clays. Here is the one that I would use since I already have the WAA12SL wad. And I will list the MEC 600 Jr. bushing that I would use.
Hull = Remington STS or Nitro
Clays Powder = 16.3grs
Win 209 Primer
7/8 oz Lead shot
MEC Bushing #30
This will give you a little over 1200FPS. Hodgdon's powder listing for the 1oz loads that I chronographed are on the light side. I used the same components above except for 1oz of shot and my powder Bushing #30 throwed 16.4 grs of Hodgdon Clay powder. They listed 15.7 grs of powder would yield 16.4 grs gave 1107FPS per my chronograph. I also used a scale to validate powder grs. 17.4 grs gave me 1165 FPS...average of 3 shots.
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