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1300 defender double feed problem

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Ok i have had this shotgun for about three years. I got it as a gift and i love it. The only problem with it (since i got it, it seems) is that sometimes the next-round-catch wont stop more than one round to come out at a time when cocking. To put it simpler, two rounds come out at the same time and then it jams. I have tried bending the catch to stick out farther and catch the other round more, and that has seem to help a good bit. Has anyone ever heard of or seen this problem before? if so how did you fix it. Thanks in advance.
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Could it be the ammo? I mean have you tried various types/brands of ammo?

The problem might be due to the way you are pumping the gun. You are supposed to pump the guns HARD. Do it like you are mad at the gun. Don't just move the slide back easily. Pump it back hard and forward promptly :!: :!:

If you pump it slow, that leaves that little magazine shell stop in the open position a fraction of a second too long. This will sometimes result in two shells coming out of the magazine instead of one.
I have also had similar problems with my 1300. Like a prior post suggests, the solution is working the action a little harder.
Thanks guys. I shot a few more boxes through it and broke it in more and it feels alot better and you were right about the pump it like you're mad at it. I looked at the shell stop and its alot smaller than the 1200 or the model 12, and smaller than the rem 870. So I guess in the design you have to beat them up fast for it to catch quick. It just seemed weird to me, I havn't ever had a problem feeding any other shotgun before until I got this one, which led me to beleive it was malfunctioning. About the ammo, it seems to let the remintons slide through more than the winchester or federal shells. I dont know if the rems have a smaller brass or what. Thanks again guys!

Krazykarl- How often would yours double feed and jam up? And have you had the problem since you have been slaming it? Thanks
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Mine has only done it three times in the two years I have owned it. Almost everytime caused by "cautiously" working the action (I was trying to be quiet to not spook the animal that was about to die). I slowly worked the action and two shells would come out of the magazine. Since then, I have fired several hundred rounds with no problems.
Yeah man, same here pretty much, just a little more offten. I dont know if i feel confident in the fact that its up to me or not if the gun jams. It seems like the rems and moss will pump and keep on pumping no matter how slow/fast/hard/soft you do it. I dont like the fact that I have to be strong and fast to do it. Say I have to fend someone off and I catch a stray in one arm and I can only cycle it one handed, and it jams. Im F**ked. Were-as if i had a rem or moss (saying i had the time, all hypothetical) it would be no problem to cyle it slowly with one hand if down. I just wish they would have made the catch a little bigger like they did on the 12 or older winchesters. I wonder if a gunsmith around could modify it with a more reliable catch. Thanks
U got that right! But my 1300 was "double-feeding" right outta the box. Slam-pumping was 1 solution, but the other... send it back for repair, which I did. Told them I just wasn't gonna settle for that if my life depended on it.

Gotta admit. They did a bang-up job! Replaced 2 parts in the magazine & slide assembly (even tho brand new); did some other gunsmithing fine-tuning to it (for free), which they will only vaguely discuss with me, & it works like a charm now!! Will pump anything I put thru it, even the shortie AQUILA's now! GEt the feelin' it may be some factory problem in assembly or something, in talking with the Fatory Rep. I don't know. Enjoy it now, tho!! :lol:
I wonder how much they would charge me to do that same repair you had done. I wish i would have thought about it when i first bought it that way they might have done it for free. I doubt they will now, but ill try my hardest. Thanks man!
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