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16 gauge

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Anyone have any experience with this gauge? Is it really worth getting fixed chokes only on a SxS?
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If you're a birdhunter like I am you probably shoot fixed chokes anyway but just have the ability to change them out with the multi-choke system. When bird hunting of almost any kind (except maybe goose and turkey) I've got the same choke in.

You'll be fine on 16 with ic/mod, if you want to goose hunt get a 12 gauge 870 pump used for pocket lint and leave the 16 at home.
Thanks, that's mainly all I'll be hunting with it, I've got an Mossberg 835 for the geese... 8)
As a previous owner of 12ga. o/u's (I still own an 870 super mag for geese and turkeys), I now own a belgium 16ga. sxs and LOVE IT!!! To quote another poster, "If it flies, it dies." Enough said.

I wonder where that quote came from? Thanks for the reply Birdbrained, nice to here from experience.
I grew up shooting my Dad's Winchester SXS 16 ga. Talk about a gun that kicked like a mule. OUCH give me a 12 any day. :shock:
Do you or your dad still have that winchester 16ga? If so, and you might be interested in letting it go, let me know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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