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2-3/4 kicks more than 3dr eq

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just wondering why a Rem gun club 2-3/4 dr. eq 1-1/8 oz no 8 target has more recoil than a Win or Fed 3dr, eq 1-1/8 oz no 8 target? I thought that the more powder the more kick.
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Either they're mislabeled or you have an active imagination. Both are 1-1/8 oz, and the 3 dram equiv should be about 25 fps faster than the 2-3/4 dram equiv.

As Sotty used to say on the old, original "Star Trek".... "I canna' disobey the laws o' physics, Cap'n."
now you know why the ole timers talk about felt recoil.

slower and faster burn rate powders coupled with different hull and wad combinations do indeed create diferent felt recoil.

it is often described as the difference between a shove and a punch
Thank you. I knew my long recoil semi cycled faster with the Rem, and I felt more recoil, Thank you again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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