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Sharon- They're a lot older than 50yr.'s. The Hunter Arms Co. produced the origional L.C. Smith sidelock from 1888-1917. You need to find the grade, serial number and evaluate the condition of this gun to determine value or suitability for shooting.

Your Baker was designed by William H . Baker from the late 1800's-1919. the stampings on the barrels and barrel flats will tell the tale of age; an evaluation will determine condition.

I'd toddle over to www.*********** and ask the same questions. Get some white chalk and fill in the stampings to make them more readable. Be ready to answer questions. They're great folks over there but concerned with the minutia in the identifcation of old guns. That's what allows them to be so accurate.

Good luck, 'Lonzo
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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