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20 ga, Wad

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As stated in a previous thread, I have bought a bag ea, of the duster wads, for 20ga., 28 ga. and .410 bore. Now I find out that they are no good for the HS hulls. My question is, can I use the duster 20's in Remington sure shot hulls? I am sure I will find a happy home, for the others, with someone, at the club, that still shoots the old AA's but I would like to salvage the 20's if I can and the Remmy's are easy to come by.
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Yes the wads will work in all gauges with Remington hulls, and that means any Remington hull. STS's, Nitro 27's, Gun Clubs, or Shur Shot Game Loads All Rem's load with identical data. They will also work in all AA Compression Formed cases.

With that many choices, you shouldn't have any problem using the wads.

There is no OEM "HS" wad for the 20 ga AAHS hull; the Orange Dusters will work with them. The HS wad only applies to the 28ga & .410.

Granted, the HS hulls do take the same data as do the CF hulls, however, there is a difference in volume, with the HS case being the one with slightly less volume.

One of the problems we now have with these cases is that when using the more bulky 20 ga. powders such as Unique or Universal, it requires a tad too much wad pressure and the result is residual pressure from the compressed wad, pushing up on the crimp and bulging or popping it open sometimes.

Since the Duster wad is one of the taller wads for the 20 ga., they only exacerbate the problem. The Down Range DRV Versalite wad is the perfect fit for the AA HS cases, and loads with little or no wad pressure and allows for perfect crimps.

So, as he apparantly has found, the Dusters do not work well, and is asking for advise.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the Duster wads do work quite well in 3/4 oz. loads in the AA HS 20 ga. cases. The smaller capacity, combined with the taller wad, makes good crimps easily accomplished with this combination.

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