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2001 Dove Season

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It's been fairly good this year in North Texas. Even though alot of farmers weren't able to plant crops because of the spring rains. We normally get in the field around 5 p.m. and shoot until 7:30 p.m. I did notice that all of the birds were out of the south this season until yesterday. The cold front moved through and suddenly all of the birds were coming from the north. I can't believe the Okie birds would already be migrating to Texas. Anyone have similar experience of doves changing flight/feeding habits just before a storm and or cold front? Hope your hunting is going well. Post a message and let everyone know.Jay
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Well, the first half of the season is gone and the birds have most certainly thinned out. Last weekend only afforded three shots. Now keep in mind that this is not one of those high dollar hunting leases. This is my sister's property (40 acres) in Celina, TX. I can't complain too much, because the price is!I've been hesitant to ask some of the farmers in that area if they allow hunting. Probably for the same reason I hesitated to ask anyone to my senior prom...rejection sucks. I imagine myself approaching the farmer about hunting on his land. He then spends the next forty minutes telling me about the yuppies that shot two of his cows and how he now hates hunters. I admit that this is worst case scenario, but what has been everyone else's experience? Jay
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