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First of all, for a little more money I'd get a Sizemaster insted of the 600 Jr for 20 gauge. It has the collet resizer and comes with an automatic primer feed. They're about $150 online, plus about $15 shipping.

But the bottom financial line for 20 gauge is you won't save much money, if any, over promo shells from Wal-Mart unless you can buy components in bulk at reasonable prices.

By bulk, I mean case lots of primers and wads and 8-lb. jugs of powder.

If you have to buy powder by the pound, wads by the bag and primers by the thousand, you'll likely end up paying more for a box of shells than you can buy promos for. And I haven't even mentioned the single-bag price of shot.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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