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27-yard Protections

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What loads would you recommend? I'm guessing I'll have to step it up from my 16 yd. loads and maybe a tighter choke...
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I think most shooters would go with a standard Handicap load 3Dr. 1 1/8 oz. magnum shot. Most will use 7 1/2 shot.We do have some at one of the Clubs I shoot at, That go for big heavey hand loads. I don't like the recoil that goes with those.
I don't knnow about anyone else but I havn't got a problem breaking targets at the 27 yd line with a 1 1/8 of 7.5 or 8 3dram
load with a X-full choke. I have never broke all 25, 22 is my personal best at that distance, but I have won quite a few meat shoots with shoot offs back to 38 yds and still break them with 8 shot
My son is in a 4-H Shooting Sports club, that is 99% Trap based. The advisors suggest that the kids use a Modified choke tube.

The 12 gauge shells they use are 'Federal Premium Top Gun TG12275, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4", 1 oz, 1250 fps, #7 1/2 Lead Shot'

They shoot from the 16, but a couple of nights at practice they let the kids do some 'games'. One night they were shooting Annie Oakley from the 27....none of the kids changed shells, or choke tubes from shooting previous rounds from the 16. It looked like the targets were breaking just the same.
I picked up some 1 1/8 oz. 7 1/2 shot. That should do the trick...
Full Choke. Handicap 1 1/8oz X 7 1/2. Either Winchester Super Handicap or Remington Nitro 27 works fine.
Yeah, I got the Nitros.
We just got through putting 300 squads through our annual Turkey and Prize shoots.All we had to sell was 2 3/4 dram #8 shells to sell this year.They did the job fror every event including the third shot in our Annie Oakleys that we ran.They wouldn't be my reccomendation but they certainly worked.
For 27 yards and closer it's tough to beat the Wal-Mart value packs. I like the Federal ones in 8's for warm weather, 7.5's for winter use.
Here's my opinion and I would say is also the "Industry Standard" 7 1/2 shot, 1 1/8 oz, 3 dram equiv. Choke constriction of .034 will
"Git-R-dun". Anything else is like trying to make a 300 yd drive with a putter.
I'll tell you what works for me for chip shoots and long yardage buddies(protection):

Remington STS Pigeon Load, 3 1/4dr - 1 1/4oz #8's.

Combined with a Briley XtraFull choke and I've never felt undergunned...................

They aren't cheap loads, by any means, but I take my games quite seriously. :lol:
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