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I am new at reloading and would like to know if there is a difference in lead shot from brand to brand ? Or is it all the same,if not could you please explain why,and list some brands to use and brands not to use. I am shooting a 28ga.o/u, I shoot skeet and sporting clays. Currently I use Win. AA hullls with Win. 209 primers, Universal Clays(13grains) Clay Buster wads,and Magnum shot by west coast.#9 for skeet,and#8 for sporting clays.Do I benifit from magnum shot over chilled. Also any problems using Clay Buster insted of Win. waa28 . If there are any better recipiecs out there I would give them a try. :? :?

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There is no industry standard as to what constitutes magnum and chilled shot. Magnum is generally just the hardest shot made by that manufacturer. A general rule is magnum shot is 5% hardeners or more, chilled or dropped shot is up to 2% antimony, and "hard" is in between. Also, the larger the pellet, the less antimony needed to be considered hard. Hardness can even vary from lot to lot from the same company. How much antimony, tin, etc. is used is sometimes determined by the price goal of the manufacturer. I use hard or magnum shot for all my reloading mainly because I buy in bulk and the cost is a $1/bag difference. Chilled shot in #9 work just fine at skeet distances, some use the harder shot in the small bores to lessen flyers but I don't think it makes too much of a difference for the typical recreational shooter. I believe in hard shot for all sizes larger than #8. These are called on to perform under more difficult circumstances whether hunting or targets. As for shot brands, I haven't run into a consistantly poor one yet. I have Winchester, Remington, Lawrence, West Coast, and Eagle on hand now and have been satisfied with them all. I also use Claybuster wads, the only problem I've had is they sometimes produce variable results when the temps are very cold and they have been sitting outside for a while. By cold, I mean less than 15 degrees Fahrenheit and they have been outside for an hour or more. In these conditions, I have had better success with factory wads. I usually use Unique in the 28 ga as I get it much cheaper than Universal but they are very comparable to each other.
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