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28 ga. SxS

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I have been shooting a 28 ga. O/U and am impressed with this little shell. I don't know why, but I have been bitten by the nostalga bug lately. I would like to purchase a 28 ga. SxS for the heck of it.

You guys have always given me great advice in the past, so let's keep it going. The fun budget has about 3k presently. Any suggestions?
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want a project? Galazan is selling 28ga actions/barrels in the white. get the action final fitted and go straight blue or get fancy with the reciever... then send it to a custom stock maker and get a pretty piece of wood to your dimensions.. probably would be in your budget, especially if you got bud whos a gunsmith...

you'd have a new all american made 28ga.. Hmm, that would be something special.
price range was originally listed at $3000

Parts from Galazan run $795 in the white. Just checked at midwest: finish in blue reciever and barrels about $300. $200 for trigger job and gold plate triggers sxs. American gunstock company says 280-300 for grade three wood. figure in another 700 for fitting and finshing. reproduction butplate and grip cap installed about 60$, figure another 125 for s&H during all this. that leaves about ten hours shop time to fit the barrels to the action, at $65/hr, to get in under $3000. (honestly not sure how long this takes...),

Didn't say this was the route for everyone, but is possible in the budget. as for resale? anyone considering this course of action is not likely to get rid of this custom gun any time soon. why sell a quality gun that fits?

the above does not include checkering. that would push the budget over. If you were willing to do the final sanding, checkering and finish the stock after fitting, some $ could be saved there.

again, some value an american made gun enough the time and energy would be worth it to them.
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Bill hanus has started a new higher grade CZ 28ga.. didn't see a price there yet...
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