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I was thinking of getting a 280 for hunting deer. Is there a diffrince between the 30-06 and the 280? and what grain would be good for it?
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What kind of a shotgun is a 280??
I presume you're talking about a .280 Remington caliber (the only .280 I'm familiar with). It's ballistically just about identical to a .270 Winchester.

Depending on your type of hunting, it can be either an ideal rifle (200 yard shots in open country), or an awful burden with way more power than necessary (still hunting or stand hunting in heavy woods).
some one told me a 270 is smaller than a 30-06 and a 280 is bigger. is this true??
They are both based on the 30-06 case, .277 and .284. They are both fine calibers. The only advantage in the .280 is a little heavier bullets. Sometimes you can find great deals on .280's because not many people know what they are. I found a NIB Remington Mountian rifle at a gun show for $450. It was a great deal but he wasn't getting any takers because it's a 280.

Didn't Remington rename the .280 to 7mmExpress for a few years? and then change it back to .280? Seems to me I read that some where. But I can't remember where.

Dale -

You're right on the renaming of the cartridge - it was a last-ditch attempt to salvage it. Nothing wrong with the .280, but it came out when the .270 Win was already well-established, and everybody was chambering rifles for it. Just an uphill battle to be accepted, and it didn't make it.
My dad has a 30-06 so I thought there is no reson to have 2 30-06's in the house so i thought A 280 would be good.
Sniper, if your dad is buying your ammo or you ever need to shoot some of his, that's an excellent reason to shoot a .30/06! I wouldn't shoot a .280 however, just to be "different!"

But FWIW, ballistically using the same weight of bullets being shot at the same velocity, the .280 is flatter and gives better down-range terminal performance than either the .270 or '06. This point however, is moot unless you're a precision handloader.

The .280 is an excellent cartridge, and will do everything the .270 will do, but better when properly loaded. Some shooters will claim the .30/06 is a better cartridge for all-round use in North America because of the wide-range of bullet weights available, but the .270 and .280 still give the '06 "a real run for its money too!"

I do handload my ammo, and IMNSHO the .280 is better than both the .270 and .30/06 for all-round use. The late Jack O'Connor is thought to be "Mr. .270," but he's on record as saying the .270 and .280 "are sisters." Presently I shoot a 7mm-08, but I'll be getting a .280 instead.
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The 280 is a good caliber, but one that has no real place in the market. An '06 will do anything the 280 will and much more. I know I will get flack on this, but just check out the facts. As far as that goes, there is no real reason for a 270, either. Check it out...a 150 gr in an '06 will shoot as flat and hit as hard as a 150 in a 270. When did you ever see a 280 or 270 that could be fed as wide a range of bullets as an '06?

Before anyone sights in on me, I want to say that I have a 270, a 280, and 9 30-06's. Why? It is my addiction to walnut and blue steel. I use an '06 for plains game in Africa and wouldn't want anything smaller...I hunt there a great deal, and know how tough those animals are. The '06 is quite well respected over there, and the PH's love to see a hunter with one; they assume he knows what he is all about, as they say.
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Are you trying to pick an argument?

I'll limit my rebuttal to this; "If the '06 is the number-one selling deer and big game cartridge in the US, how do you explain that the .270 has no place in the market when it is number two in new American rifles and ammo sales?" And how do you also explain away its place in marketing, the fact the .280 is also a top-ten deer / big game cartridges preferred by the American public?

I used to order and sell ammo in three sporting goods stores, and it seemed like we sold as much .270 ammo as '06, and visa versa.

A survey I saw regarding deer and big game hunting in America, said the .30-30 is third most popular, followed by the .243 Winnie, .308 Winnie, 7mm RemMag, .300 WinMag, .25/06, .280 Remington and .35 Remington in this order. Many hunters in the Eastern US prefer the .35 Remington to hunt black bear with, as well as whitetails.

The .280 Remington and 7mm-08 Remington are two excellent cartridges that continue to gain in popularity among the public, mainly because they're both superb rounds, incredibly accurate and easy to shoot well. And like the .270 Win, they kill big game far more successfully than one would "conject" by simply looking at the rounds.

As for African hunting, I have never had any desire to go there, so for me whatever works in Africa is moot!
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Here in the Far Northeast the big 2 for Whitetail are still the Trent-Trent (.30-30), and the .30-06...

The 06 will do it all in North-America and most of the rest of the world...There is a reason that these two cartridges are still so popular and have lived so long...

Why mess with perfection?

Why mess with perfection?
Because we can? :lol:

Hey Cougar:
I think Safari is just pointing out some ballistic overlap in their performance. He aint got time to pick a fight, it seems he is always going hunting...

Hey Safari:
Me and Gunner are still waiting on that bird hunting invite out your way...

To All:
I have no opionion on this, my daddy was Army for 20+ years and all he would ever let me shoot was an 06. I got one .22, one 30-30 and one 30-06. Now shotguns and bows are a different story...

Best of Luck...
If you read what I was saying, I was pointing out that the 30-06 is by far the most versitile of those calibers. And, as I said, I do own a 270 and a 280. They are fine calibers, also. They won't do ANYTHING that the 30-06 will do, however. I took an 841/8" B&C antelope with the 270 and a nice Desert Bighorn here in NV with the 280. The 270 is a customized 03A3; the 280 is a push feed Win 70 FW.

I mentioned Africa because the game there is far in a way the toughest on the planet; I have had a great deal of experience in this area and used this to reinforce the desirability of the '06 in general. If I stepped on toes, your feet...I am a bit clumsey at times. I also have a 30-30, which I use for Coast deer in No. Cal. There IS a reason why ALL the Professional Hunters in Africa love the 30-06...It works just right :idea: Oh, and Cougar...the 35 Rem is a wonderful caliber. I have one in a Marlin 336 and wouldn't part with it. It should always be used with the heavier bullet, however. Only then does it come on better than the 30-30. Great little round :!: Perfect for black bear. I just this week bought a little house in NW Montana for my retirement in a few years.That 35 Rem will be fantastic for the deep woods hunting for black bear; they got some huge whitetail there, too. Since we are a shotgun forum, I'll now shut up about groove tubes.
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Lus2hunt and Safari,

Whatever ...... :roll:

Following your logic, why not shoot only one cartridge for all of Africa, or planet earth for that matter? You could simplify things considerably, coudln't ya?

This thread was originally about the .280 cartridge, not how much game someone has shot or where necessarily. But hope you have a good retirement.
Well, since you put it that way...yes, there is a caliber for the whole planet. It is the 375 H&H. I works for everything. You seem to get ruffled easily :wink: You are right about the down range performance of the 280 :D That is one of the reasons I chose it for my one and only opportunity at a Desert Bighorn. I think it is a great caliber, but there is a bit of redundancy in the 270, 280, and '06. That was my only point, at first. I have always seen an advantage in hunting with the same caliber as my hunting companions; we all carry the same ammo. It helps if a scope gets knocked off zero to have a little margin of extra ammo from somewhere at times.

And as to animals shot, doesn't it seem logical that someone who has some experience might know a thing or two? :idea: The guy asked about opinions on the 280. It is very good. Use 154 or 160 gr bullets to bring it up to its full potential, and it is just fine for deer, antelope and black bear, borderline for elk,but seems OK with the 175 gr bullets, and a bit too small for moose. I can't fault anyone for buying one. I like mine, and have liked the .284 for much of my life.

I could have retired long ago had it not been for all the $$$ and time spent on hunting and guns. It seems to be a common affliction of all of us on this forum, and THAT IS GOOD :!: It sure wouldn't be much fun if we all agreed on everything. When passions cool, we all agree that shooting and hunting are about the best ways to go broke...Take a Boy Hunting...You'll bring home a Man...
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