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28g pheasant/chokes

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I'm looking at getting a 28g double.( sxs.. :roll: ..o/u) I'm looking at something like a stoeger or fausti or something .
anyhow..I've noticed most have fixed chokes of c/m. and thinking if I'm hunting pheasant,I'd like more choke for such a small gauge.any experience? I use m/f on my 20g and like the way it "hits hard".most shots will be over a dog,and I personally like #5 shot but #6 is ok too.problably better if only small load.
..and do any reload manuals have info for a full 1oz load?
thanks Ed :wink:
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I'm puzzled by something. So far, there has been quite a bit of discussion of 3/4 oz vs. 1 oz loads for the 28 gauge. I read all of the posts, but no one mentioned 7/8 oz 28 gauge loads. :? Don't any of you 28 gauge connoisseurs shoot the 7/8 oz Fiocchi Golden Pheasant loads?

I don't even own a 28, yet, but I am currious to know how these loads perform. They seem pretty sweet on paper. If nobody uses 'em, is there a reason?

hunter20ga said:
Researcher...if I ever run across those Fiochi shells I might give 'em a whirl. I've had so much success, though, with Federal Premiums...3/4 oz of copper-plated shot, that I've not looked farther. I did buy some of the Fiocchi Golden Pheasant shells in 20 ga and 12 ga for the coming season...have heard good things about them.
Gander had them last year. I didn't see it there this year. The Outdoorsman usually stocks quite a bit of Fiocchi, they might have it. Cabelas up in East Grand Forks, a.k.a. "Frozen Forks" has it for sure. :wink:

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