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28g pheasant/chokes

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I'm looking at getting a 28g double.( sxs.. :roll: ..o/u) I'm looking at something like a stoeger or fausti or something .
anyhow..I've noticed most have fixed chokes of c/m. and thinking if I'm hunting pheasant,I'd like more choke for such a small gauge.any experience? I use m/f on my 20g and like the way it "hits hard".most shots will be over a dog,and I personally like #5 shot but #6 is ok too.problably better if only small load.
..and do any reload manuals have info for a full 1oz load?
thanks Ed :wink:
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What can you tell me about Pelee Island - have you ever hunted pheasant there? Regards, Jack[/quote]

JACK: Try the following :

I also have been thinking about taking advantage of that hunt.
None of us are getting any younger, and it would be an interesting hunt to experience before the knees and legs give out for good!

Even though it raises the final total cost, I'd sure like to have my Brittany to shoot over. I believe it's (5) birds/per day.

Your thoughts? Regards, Don
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