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You don’t think the shooter will just go someplace else ?

The second amendment was abused by the gun industry with the promotion of the black rifle. It fetishized the gun. We are paying the price. My opinion.
Step back and look at this through the lens of the gun control crowd. The only word that matters is CONTROL. They don't care about the gun or kids dying they only care about controlling YOU and making YOU dependent on gov't. That is the goal.

As far as your actual statement; I'm being kind when I say lacking a critical thought process. To somehow put this on the gun industry? You may be so weak that it seems reasonable but it isn't. Processed foods are far more devilish and sneaky with their advertising campaigns BUT they didn't make you ftr or unhealthy; whoever chooses their foods made a conscious decision. Thoughts like you express here is exactly what gov't wants...sheep easily lead to slaughter.
1 - 1 of 74 Posts