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I purchased a Remington 870 SuperMag that I use primarily for turkey and deer. Using 3.5" #4's through a full choke, a turkey hasn't got a prayer at 45 yards.When I'm hunting in thick brush, I use 3.5" 00 buckshot and my IC choke.Yeah, to some, the recoil is pretty stout, but I'm 6'2, 235 lbs, so the recoil ain't that bad for me. Of course, I do very little duck or goose hunting here in MS, so I'm not shooting very many at any one time.I'll go out on a limb here, but I think that there has probably been more game harvested with a 2.75" 12 gauge shotgun than with any other firearm in modern times. A 2.75" shell will certainly do the will the 3", but for me, I like the added "oomph" of the 3.5", no matter how small.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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