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For me...The 3" shell is all that I need. I recently purchased a Franchi 612 3" semi-automatic shotgun. It will cycle the light 1oz loads thru the 3" magnum 2oz Turkey loads all day long without a single hiccup. The 3" magnum shell has come a long ways...all the way to a 2oz load of lead. With the advent of Hevi-shot, Bismuth loads, to copper plated lead, the 3" magnum shell offers all that I need for hunting. It is all about what suits you. For Deer hunting some think the 30-06 is enough and some feel you need a Weatherby Magnum Caliber rifle. We all need a hobby in life...something other than work...Hunting, Shooting and reloading are all great hobbies. It is great to have something to look forward too, like a Dove hunt in the near future. It is a great pleasure to day dream about an uncoming Hunt, shoot or even just a reloading session. It is nothing wrong with being a little selfish in life once in a while, with the demands of work, Family and children...we all need a little time for ourselves.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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