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Does anyone use a model 332 ? I like to buy USA made when I can & I'm looking fro an O/U field gun. Not for waterfowl , just upland. I was almost hooked on a Browning & they make some very nice shotguns , when I saw this model 332 .
I can't seem to find any reviews on it. Is it a good quality shotgun ? Are folks having trouble with them ? Is Remington still making them ?
I have an 1100 3" mag I used for many years sitting in my safe that never gave me a bit of trouble -no matter what I fed it-target to steel shot. Also an 870 3" 12 I have now set up as strictly a slug gun ,so I'm not anti Remington . I also have a Browning BPS -they all work fine -I just "need " an O/u as a retirement present to myself & want to make the right purchase from the git go . I "m pretty sure it will be my last -I thought about the 20 gauge (which eliminates the 332)
just because of the weight factor-I'm not as young as I use to be-so maybe you folks can help this old Jarhead out .
Thank you in advance for you time & help.
Happy Holidays all.

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soup said:
Is Remington still making them ?
No, they are not.

I have examined a number of 332's.

They are similar the Remington Peerless that I bought new in 1995, though they have some improvements;

- better fit/finish
- redesigned camming surfaces for the cocking rods
- no false side plates name a few.

Though they were intended as a field gun, the 332 had stock dimensions similar to a lot of sporting clays guns (same as the Peerless had).

The 332 was introduced in 2003 and production was cancelled in late 2006/early 2007. My concern would be, if the gun were shot a lot, that this is a short production run with relatively few made and parts may soon become an issue. Maybe not a problem for a hunting gun, it might be for something that fires 5,000 to 10,000 shells/year at clay targets.
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