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385 Corelokt and Ultra Slugger.

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125 yards, Remmie Corelokt 385 grainer, Ultra Slugger with 3 X 9 scope, solid bench rest.
Note the three shots on the left side of the large bullseye and a little high.
Those are the 385 Rems and measured 3".
Not bad at all.
I adjusted the scope to center the group and bring the point of impact downa bit.
Lo and behold the usual hi-speed sabot flyer bit me again.
Note the two good shots then the inevitable flyer spreading the group to 6" at 125 yards.
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Try Federal Vitalshock with the blue ballistic point Barnes Expander. I tried a few different ones when I got my thumbhole Ultra Slug Hunter 20ga. (Hornady SST, Lightfields, Federal) With the 20ga. 3" Federal W/barnes I'm doing 1" groups at 100yds. More $$$ but I noticed the difference.
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