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Saturday, I went out and shot a little bit of everything: sporting clays, trap, 5-stand, and skeet. It was colder than I usually shoot clays (<30) but certainly not colder than I've sat in a duck blind.

Well, after 175 shells I noticed that my stock on my composite 3901 was wiggling ever so slightly. I took off the recoil pad and found that the bold needs a socket which I didn't have, not a screw driver which I did have, so I borrowed a gun from the gun club to finish off the day. (Very nice 682E... ooohhh I liked that gun...) Anyway, got home that night and on Sunday started cleaning the 3901. Well, the stock was as tight as a drum. Didn't need to be tightened at all.

So here is my question: Is there any chance that a composite stock would shrink in the cold, and then swell back up in the warmth of my house? If so, should I leave it outdoors one night and then tighten the stock up when its cold, or would that be bad for the stock as it swells?

Any thoughts.
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