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I shot my new 391 12 ga. for the first time today at the trap range. I was loading the shell's individually and noticed that some of the shells took a little forcing in order to fully slide into the chamber(barrel) before I closed the bolt. I was shooting new Win AA factory loads too so I don't know if that would make any difference. The reason I ask is that I've shot a 391 in the past that didn't have this issue. Is my barrel maybe a little out of spec possibly or is this somewhat normal?

Also, I noticed that two (CYL ,FULL)of the five chokes that came with the gun do not fit properly. I have to force the choke tube in until it meets the threads and then use the choke wrench to turn it because of the resistance. The other 3 chokes, I can just drop in and screw by hand. Could the two choke tubes in question be a little out of tolerance? I don't want to use them because I'm afraid I may damage the threads and the end of the barrel. Has any one heard of this? BTW, it's the new Optima Bore.

Thanks in advance

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Great choice in a shotgun!! After we get over this hump you will have many years of service from this fine system.

First pull your barrel, and inspect to make sure your chamber is true, then if true, insert shells by dropping them in(while barrel is out of the action) if you get no hang up`s by inserting and removeing them(slight snugness should be expected) then we know the chamber is fine, if not the by them means of great force must be used then your barrel is out of sync. And return it to Beretta for replacement.

As far as the chokes go, inspect your full and cyl tubes for thread deformaties, if so just return them to Beretta U.S.A.

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