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I've have a freind who hunts off horse back and has really taken a lot of deer with a .410 and little bitty slugs. I have hit 'em with a 12 loaded with 3" #1's and 5 rounds later I had a nice buck down with approximatly 50 holes in it from its neck to its tail. A running buck can be hard to kill. I have also hit a rabbit with a .3oo win. mag. and It made it's hole. I love a .410 for birds and like the heaver shot sizes . I notice I cripple less and #4,5,or 6 is the ticket for my New England with full choke. I limit my buck huntin with a shot gun to aleast a .20 but I like the little slugs for coyote fodder when I'am out after close rabbits. Have fun and do what works for you. Its all in the gettin there not where ya end up.

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I've always wanted to go hunting from a Horse, they are the only way to travel in the high mountain country here :wink: .
If I shot from the back of any of my showjumpers I'd get spat and if I got off they'd bugger off :lol: .
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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