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I shoot the Midas 410 extended chokes. Played around with all the factory chokes then got the light mod and haven't looked back. Noted a huge jump in my consistency to break clays up to 35-40 yds and my dove cripples have all but ended.

Just yesterday I shot a 20 ga with imp cyl and wounded more then with my 410s this season.

Btw I have not patterned them...a wise old man once told me that patterning 410s might be bad for your head and psych u out. Keep it tighter (but not too tight) with respect to chokes and shot distance and use quality ammo. I can honestly say I cripple less birds then others and my skeet breaks are as good as my partners using 12's.

Btw I use 9's for skeet and 8.5's for sporting clays and doves
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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