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410 Sporting load

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I latched on to 9 flats of WWHS 1300fps sporting 410s and had to see what they were using for powder. Opened one up and was surprised to see a non-red wad as they charge us reloaders an arm and a leg for. Maybe its the coloring that costs so much :w What realy threw me was the powder charge. 16.5 grains of very fine goldish metalic flattened spherical powder. About half the size of Lil Gun. I don't have any 296/H110 so I couldn't compare them. Anyone have any idea what powder this could be? I had to weigh the powder twice with a scale calibration in between, 16.5 was an eye opener. Ric
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Hi Ric,
The W/W factory load components shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as they notoriously use proprietory powders, that are not available to the reloader. Purposely blended to their private specifications, and used in factory ammo.

Wads the same thing. In some cases they do use the same wads that they market to the reloaders, while in other cases they use something else, (usually meaning cheaper, and usually not one piece), although I imagine the 410 wad would be one piece out of necessity. In my mind a multiple piece wad would be hard to contend with in the 410, even at the factory.

I assume these were 2-1/2 inch shells, and not 3 inchers.

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