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.50 caliber handgun?

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Is it true that I heard in the near distant future that S&W is supposed to be coming out with a .50 caliber handgun? If so, than this will be a great gun for hunting and self defense. In Tennessee, we can use handguns during black powder and shotgun season, but only if the barrel is 4 inches or longer. Can you imagine the power this thing would have? It would be at the target before you even heard the report from the gun itself. Is this so? If so, I may have to invest in one.
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There are a few handguns chambered for the massive .500 caliber - not all are the same.

Smith & Wesson has come out recently with the venerable .500 S&W Magnum, but there are others too. IMI developed the .50 Action Express for their Desert Eagle back in 1988. The rim is rebated so that the basic bolt of the .44 S&W Magnum version could be used without any significant modifications (just like the .41 AE has the same rim diameter as the 9mm PaArabellum). And then there is the absolute top dog of shooter punishment: the .500 Linebaugh - well that WAS the case until the 500 S&W Mag arrived. This cartridge was designed by John Linebaugh for use in modified Ruger revolvers, that can currently be purchased from Bowen arms.

Here is how they stack up:

.50 AE - 325gr JHP -- 1400fps/1414ftlbs
.500 Linebaugh - 500gr SP -- 1200fps/1599ftlbs
.500 S&W Magnum - 440gr HC -- 1625fps/2580ftlbs (from Cor-Bon)

All of them are pretty fairly suited for bear country!
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