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.50 caliber handgun?

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Is it true that I heard in the near distant future that S&W is supposed to be coming out with a .50 caliber handgun? If so, than this will be a great gun for hunting and self defense. In Tennessee, we can use handguns during black powder and shotgun season, but only if the barrel is 4 inches or longer. Can you imagine the power this thing would have? It would be at the target before you even heard the report from the gun itself. Is this so? If so, I may have to invest in one.
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The X frame S&W 500 has been out for a few months now. IMO it is a way overkill for anything in the states. Maybe hunting Buffalo or a Kodiak or an Elephant. Tops would be a .454 casull for hunting. As for self defense well if it were between that and a Jenings anything I would probably take the Jenings. First, right now they have a 10.5" and 8.75" barrel gun that is a very barrel heavy weapon not something you want when you are startled awake at night. The total length for the 10.5" is 18" that is almost as long as a tactical shotgun barrel. Then we get to the weight 82 oz, a 5lbs 2oz handgun just a little on the heavy side but would be good for a 20ga semi. Ammo since only Cor-bon makes it is about $25+ for 12 rounds. More than Remington Hevi-shot. I could see the 12 rounds if the gun held 6 but since it only holds 5, kinda goofy. The recoil is big but not as bad as you would imagine, the compensated barrel works well. Also if you miss with the first round it will take longer to set up the second round due to the recoil but also due to the HUGE muzzle flash you will blind an intruder. It's cool if you just want the baddest revolver in the world or are collecting all the S&W frames.
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