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I need to thin out a collection of Browning shotguns inhereted from my father about 10 yrs ago. I'd like to keep one of them and was seeking advice as to which one may be the most collectable and how much I should ask for the others. Here are the numbers:

S 15xx
2S 87xxx
2R 91xxx
7Z 14xxx
68Z 32xxx vented

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I'd go with the 1953 Sweet Sixteen (S 15xx) , next, the '62 Sweet Sixteen. Those have the highest current value and will continue to rise (this is,ofcourse, assuming the condition of all being equal)

Assuming all in Good ( 80%) condition , the 20 ga's are worth about $300 + or - depending on region exception being the vented one add about $175 or so

The regular 16 (2r 91xxx) will be about the same , $300 + or -

the Sweet 16's should pull in about $550 or so, again assuming good condition and depending on region.

Expect some to possibly post higher or lower values all of which will be true . But, I am forced to try to give an overview of hopefully a nationwide value range.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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