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Can anyone help me about info regarding this gun ?

Do Beretta make 682 LTD`s every year ? or is there only 1500 made in total ?

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Below is a segment from an aritcle by Richard Rawlingson. I have been thinking of getting one, never liked the standard 682 stock.

Normally we would not do
a detailed test on a limited availability
gun (there will be only 1500 made in
total of which around 175 will come to
this country) but it does give us a chance
to reprise the 682 range, which I note
we last tested as long ago as June 2000.

Let's look first of all at what is unique to
the LTD edition. Our test gun is a sporter
but a fixed choke trap version is also
available. The sporters will come with
either 30 or 32 inch barrels, the trap guns
are 30 inch only. In overall specification
they are identical to the standard 682
Gold E models.
The differences are mainly cosmetic
and financial (the LTD carrying a price
premium of around 30% over the standard
guns). A large part of that cost will be due
to the wood upgrade as all 1500 guns will
have strongly figured dark Turkish walnut.
On our sample the finish was a rather flat
matt oil, but it certainly had the potential
to be very attractive with a bit of
conditioning and elbow grease.
Two different thickness recoil pads -
20 and 25 mm - are provided, giving
some scope for summer or winter settings.
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