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I want to do a little 5 stand shooting. I'm just wondering if I'll get beat up from recoil shooting a 7 pound Citori and 1 oz loads at 1200 fps.

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If you're a 90 lb, 15 year old you might have a problem but an average sized adult shouldn't have too much trouble. If you shoot enough and like it there are several weight adding/recoil reducing devices you can add to your gun. The 1oz light target loads are easy on the shoulder anyway.

Most of the guys I shoot with use the 1oz stuff as much as possiable and only use heavier loads at certain stations on the longer, more dificult shots. some guys carry 3 or 4 loads for very spacific shots. Lately I've been using Win 7/8 oz of 8 1/2 loads on everything out to 45 yards and switch to 1oz of #7 1/2 on the rabbits with very good results. :wink:

Have fun and Good Luck, Joe
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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