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In the 70's when Perazzi first came into the US through Ithaca Guns Daniele Perazzi sent the Master Perazzi gunsmith Giacomo Arrighini to the US. He is still here. And swears by Triflow.

I first learned of Triflow when in the yards at Bremerton, Wa. in the late 70's as well, a yardbird turned me onto it. I have always had some on hand since. I get it at bike shops, racing bikers use it to lube the chain and sprocket. It stays in place in the rain and through mud. And reduces resistance enough to make the difference between a win or loss.

Spending 20 years as a Machinist Mate Chief I can talk lubrication of pretty much everything including hydrodynamic herringbone grooved journal bearings with thrust bearings until both our eyes glaze over.

For 15 years I shot a JEG EELL Gold E custom combo. I shot 10k-12k rounds a year through it and I shot it well. So conservatively ran at least 150,000 rounds through it, likely a good bit more.

Looked like new when I sold it and got out of it what I paid for it 15 years earlier. Lever was well right of center and it still locked up tighter than a drum. These are some of the pictures when I listed it.

Even the jeweling still looked like new

Yours may be a Browning but clean and lube it with Triflow after every use. Bet it stops wearing the jeweling.
Based on the MSDS, and a review I came across on Amazon, Triflow may no longer have PTFE (teflon) in it, or at least the formula has changed. (see review that accompanies one of the photos)

I found an old MSDS for their grease, and it specifically listed Tetrafluoroethene Polymer, but their current MSDS for the oil does not list it:

The packaging says "Formulated with PTFE", not "Contains PTFE", dunno.
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