SALVAGED COMPONENTS FROM WW INDUSTRIAL 8 GA. SHELLS FOR SALE. I have 10,000+ rounds of Industrial shot shells (CE8HV2P and CE8B2LVP in #2 shot and 00 BUCK) that I have salvaged the lead, powder and primers from and am offering up the remaining components to those that can use them for their own 8 GA. reloading. Please note- these have not been fired; I have cut the top of the roll crimp off to salvage the internals. The hulls are in brand new condition; no rusting or corrosion- shiny new. The components are as new- never been fired, just removed from brand new complete loaded shells.
I have attached pictures of the the various components, including the hull, overshot card, shot sleeve, fiber/felt wad and seal cup w/ measurements. I am not an 8 GA. enthusiast myself so I have no use for the components but I understand that there are many out there that might.
The shells are originally 2 7/8"-2 15/16" long (fully assembled shell) w/ a roll crimp- salvaged hulls are approx. 2 13/16" tall.

Asking prices are as follows:

Empty salvaged hulls- $0.50/each
Shot sleeves- $5/ bag of 250
Fiber / Felt wads- $5/ bag of 250
Overshot cards- $3/ bag of 250
Seal cups- $7/ bag of 250

I am located in Alberta, Canada. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost. If listed quantities are not suitable for your needs, please let me know and we can figure out an option that works best for you. Items will be listed until stock is sold