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870 or 1300??

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I am going to purchase a shotgun, primarily for sport shooting such as skeet, etc.I am a novice to the sport, but am familiar enough with shooting to know that I want to do it, and have always wanted to do so.I would like to purchase a shotgun that could be used primarily for this purpose, but on occasion could be taken to the field.I need to make a decision that I won't regret. For example, if I purchase a Remington 870 express, will I be left wanting a Wingmaster, due to functional inadequacies of the express? Likewise, would I regret buying the 870, wishing that I had gone ahead and picked up a Remington 1100 or something of that nature?Also, are the Winchester 1300 series, adequate for sport shooting?I'm talking specifically about the 1300: Walnut Field, Ranger, Sport and Field, and Upland. It appears that in the price range of the Winchester 1300's, you find Remington 870 express models to be the main competition in terms of price. I'm also aware of the Mossberg 500's at a slightly cheaper price.So what would be your recommendation.Hold out for a more expensive gun, or go ahead and buy a $300-$400 gun.I don't want o make a purchase that a few months down the road I'm gonaa say "Damn I wish I had......."
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In advance, I want to apologize with the comparison question. I have been on many boards of various types, and understand how exhausting they can be. I'm sure you have had this question 1000 times, but I couldn't find it, so I posted it.
personal preference alone go with the Wingmaster, same feel as the Express, much nicer looking though and , I feel, has better fit and finish. There's a reason the Express is a mainstay of chainstores (ok more personal pref, I'm bigotted towards chains for gun purchases). The WInny is reliable but a touch heavier than the Rem. It also doesn't "fit" me as well so you should compare the two for that.I personally don't like autos for the games partly due to them throwing the empties on your neighbor and partly because they offer no real advantage once you get the pumps action smoothed up and get used to pumping it.
MalandS,Thanks a lot. I haven't heard a whole lot about the Winchester used in this venue. I didn't know how much of a player they were. At this point, I have no desire to pay a couple of grand on a shotgun, then again, I remember saying the same thing about Martin guitars. Famous last words. LOL
I favor the Winchester 1300 because it fits me better, and I like the speed pump feature of the gun. However, I could not shoot a pump 12 ***** for as much as I shoot in a pump. I would have to shoot 20 *****.
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