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geewiz said:
Thanks Austin12gauge. I thought I was seeing a difference in the two lengths between the barrel and the round extionsion. I couldn't tell if it was just the photos or not. Some photos seem to show the barrel extending further and sometimes it seem shorter than the extension. I thought maybe they were different models
My factory Remington magazine extension on my 20" 870 is longer than the barrel.

I recently purchased (and traded off :D) a Remington 1100 Tactical and the factory magazine extension was even with the barrel.

Years ago the factory extension was "always" a little longer than the barrel it was designed for. Aestheticly this botherd me and I preferred the Choate extension for the police guns I had. I have gotten older and am happy with my slightly longer factory extension as I tend to prefer original equipment over aftermarket. Even so it is nice to see Remington is evening up the magazines as I think it still looks better to not extend past the barrel crown.
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