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870 w/ AR15 stock and rail

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And the point is....????????
Would one fit on a winchester1300 defender?
justint said:
Would one fit on a winchester1300 defender?
Not from that manufacturer, but another company will be making something similar for the Winchester by Februray. PM me for details.
I woudl DEFINITELY be interested in the Win 1300 adapter.

If yer sellin' em please email me at [email protected]
I like the look of the ones HERE

I haven't seen them in person but I'll probably end up ordering the works set when I get my new stick, whenever that is :roll:

The guys at will be making more adapters in the near future for more weapon models. If you email Jason he will reply within 24/48 hours (squared away guy) ask him.

[email protected]
Is that the answer to the folks who have always proposed that the .223 round did not have enough knockdown power? 8) I especially like the extendable buttstock variations, for when I need to do accurate work with my 12 ga.
That stuff from Argonaut looks good. Looks like another project coming on . . .
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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