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912 Variomax schematic?

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Anyone have a schematic you can post or email?

I am trying to determine if a part is missing or loose.....there is a rectangular piece of metal sliding in a dovetailed slot inside the top of the receiver.
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I do not recall a piece of metal in the top of the reciever but I can dig out my paper work and take a look but it may take a few days :oops: I have seen pictures of 912's that had a long tang on the Barrel before but mine has a short tang so there may be some differances from years of manufacture?

Here is a picture of the receiver, I may have incorrectly listed the model:

The part in question is the rectangular piece is the center (looking up into the reciever with the trigger group removed). This part slides to and fro in a dovetailed slot in the top inside of the reciever.

Should this part be held in place by something? Should there be another part in that oval cut at the left of the rectangular part?

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I could not find my paperwork it is still packed away somewere. your gun looks just like mine on the outside but the view of the inside of the reciever is different than my 912 Variomax? I think they made a few different versions, I saw one on Gun Broker that was labeled as a 912 same gun on the outside but had a totaly different barrel were it slides in the reciever than mine?
How has your gun held up? how many rounds do you think you have through it?
Mine only has around 500 rounds so far most from the blind and has never failed.

This one is not mine, it belongs to one of the local boys who tells me he has run around 2500-3000 rounds through it, all 3.5" and 3 " ( mostly 3.5"). The gun was working flawlessly until one day last season when out of the blue the gun stopped ejecting. The fired hull will hang on the extractor and the lifter will shove the next shell up against that fired hull. According to the owner the gun never malfunctioned until that day, now it malfunctions on every shot with 3.5" shells

We've given the gun and gas system a good cleaning. With the gas ring set for a LIGHT loads it will function OK with 2.75" 1 1/8oz loads. On this setting it will also function a 3.5" loads, but the recoil and pounding of the action is greatly increased, as you would expect.
I've not seen that piece in the receiver before either. Is it flush with the receiver or does it protrude out some?

If it's having issues with the longer shells you may want to try to clean the chamber well followed by a light polish job.
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