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930 Walnut/Blue 26"

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Thinking strongly about getting one. Anybody have one that they have actually weighed? I'm curious to know if Mossberg's advertised weight of 7 3/4 lbs is accurate?

Many thanks and happy holidays to everyone on the SGW/Mossberg forum!

L'duck <><
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Thanks for the info. I'm not really that weight sensitive, but I'm curious if manufacturers really care that much about posting honest numbers when it comes to weight. Mossberg pretty much posts 7 3/4 lbs for nearly every configuration of 930 except the slug guns. I've noticed that some synthetic stocked guns seem to 'feel' heavier than their walnut/hardwood clad brethren. I used my 26" SuperNova pass-shooting doves this past fall and I loved the extra weight for recoil control and a smooth swing. I think the 930 will be in the same ballpark weight wise and prove to be a fine pass-shooting and waterfowl shotgun. I just wish they made one without the ported barrel.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
L'duck <><
Now if Mossberg would just see the light and build a non-ported 930 20 gauge that's a pound lighter than the 12... they wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand (maybe that's why they're afraid to do it!). :shock:

All the best,
L'duck <><
I fail to understand their reluctance is filling this gap with an American made sibling to the 12 gauge. The 930 has proven itself to be a winner. Scaling it down to a 20 would be the next 'logical' step and a very profitable one for them as well. As long as I live I will never understand the mind of corporate America.

L'duck <><
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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