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I've resisted not bothering the board members here, but I can't
figure out how to date my gun with the info supplied on the
Browning website. My serial number reads 8Z3450
This doesn't fit into any code I see. What does the Z stand for? The previous owner thought he bought it about 35 years ago. Any info would be most appreciated!
Thanks, Scott

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Scott, no bother on the dating, now, if you had asked the value without browsing the forum first , we'd just have to have a footrace with a fist fight at the end of it I reckon ;)

The Browning site is awful on their dating service , I think they really want you to call the companies historian (wonder if he's the webmaster there and is just creating job security?).
Anyway, according to the Bluebooks serialization chart your gun was made in 1958. The way your serial number is layed out the 8 ,which is the first year for this serialization system denotes 1958. The Z denote Light weight 20 ga. the rest of the numbers are just the production run number, which the historian could use to tell you the original configuration of the gun if you have any doubts of originality.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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